Provincia di Ragusa

Ragusa, 32 km from Pozzallo UNESCO heritage site, is situated between two wolves. The city is divided into two separate nuclei, Ragusa nuova and Ragusa Ibla. New Ragusa where you can visit the Cathedral dedicated to St. John the Baptist with its majestic Baroque style portal and its stucco decorations. The Archaeological Museum of Ibleo, where various exhibits, pottery and terracotta sculptures are excavated in Ragusa, are divided into several sections: prehistoric, Kamarina, sultry cultures, the Hellenistic period, the Roman period and the Byzantine period; The Church of Santa Maria delle Scale, rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693 in Baroque form, still holds the portal and the pulpit of the medieval bell tower, stands atop the staircase of 340 steps that unite the high city with Ibla.