The whole community of Pozzallas participates in the Lenten and Easter liturgies culminating in the solemn procession of Good Friday, a pure expression of popular religious sentiment. On Fridays of Lent, called "Friday Maronna", in the church of S. Maria di Portosalvo are celebrated the Eucharistic liturgies that see the great participation of faithful and devotees of the virgin Sorrowful titular of the church, which is entitled the celebration of Holy Friday . You officially enter the live of the Easter rites on Friday before Palm Sunday with the Living Via Crucis. Organized by young people in the juvenile town pastoral, it is a much anticipated and coral event happening by the faithful who participate in thousands. The Easter morning is celebrated in the various churches of the city. After the church, St. John the Baptist begins the procession with the simulacrum of the Risen Christ. At the same time from the church of Portosalvo begins the procession with the Madonna still in mourning, characterized by black mantle. At midday in the main square, Remembrance Square, crowded with people, the first encounter runs between the Risen Christ and the Mother who recognize the Son by losing the black veil. Delirium is triggered. Dove flying, pyrotechnics and joyful music make for a spectacular show. The second meeting takes place in the Town Hall Square and the third and last one takes place on the churchyard's church, concluding with the solemn Easter blessing imposed by the priests of the city.