Cava d'aliga

Provincia di Ragusa

Cava d'Aliga, in the winter, a tranquil riviera center, turns into summer becoming a destination for the inhabitants of Scicli but also for tourists who come here from other cities in the province and also from faraway places, attracted by the coast to Rocky, though interspersed by small sandy beaches. The sea is always clean because of the lack of large towns nearby and bathers can enjoy this feature very rare in our seas. But the beauty of Cava d'Aliga is not so much inhabited by itself as in the curious position of the village and in the natural beauty of the small cliffs that at times, eroded by the waves, have cavities, sometimes the real caves : It is the case of the beautiful Grotta dei Contrabbandieri, deep cavity in the east coast of the main beach and the village, of apparent basaltic nature; A sea tongue penetrates inside and, in the early afternoon, illuminates the interior in a spectacular way. A real corner of paradise. Of great naturalistic interest is also the area of ​​Punta Corvo which is reached by lining the provincial coast: here is also an old lighthouse, once used by the Guardia di Finanza, now abandoned; Was also set by the famous television series Commissioner Montalbano. Here the area is made up of reefs and spectacular creeks entirely covered by the dwarf palm tree (Chamaerops humilius) typical of Mediterranean scrub.